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Advisory Services

Solar Advisory Services
Varshini Power offers following advisory services.


Information regarding State and central policies, technology and feasibility study of solar power projects in India and Abroad.

Project Bidding Assistance: Furnishing all the data required for identifying the feasibility of project site and technology. Bidding rate and all necessary documents for submitting RFS for Solar PV project under any state and central policies.

Project Owner's Engineering Services:  Assist the project owner right from, 

  • Preparation of lucrative Detailed Project Report (DPR).
  • Helping in shortlisting and selection of EPC contractor, preparation of a comprehensive EPC contract. Ensuring risk mitigation. 
  • Review of contractor’s basic detailed engineering, design and determine compatibility of equipment and plant.
  • Supervision during Construction for the quality control and monitoring implementation progress to avoid time and costs overruns.
  • Performance Acceptance Test at final handing over of the plant to the project developer and access Performance guarantees of the EPC contractor.