1) How do I know if my facilities are appropriate for a VARSHINI POWER installation?

    Most solar deployments fall into two categories: those using a flat structure such as a rooftop or those using available ground space. For roof-mounted systems, generally you should have a minimum of 100 square feet per kw . Currently VARSHINI POWER offers both rooftop and ground mounted programs across India.

    2) Where are VARSHINI POWER solar energy services available?installation?

    VARSHINI POWER currently provides solar energy services across India. We expand our service territory as the regulatory and financial environment makes new markets commercially viable.

    3) What types of solar panel configurations does VARSHINI POWER offer?

    VARSHINI POWER offers rooftop systems and fixed or tracking ground-mount systems.

    4) How do I know if my location receives enough solar energy to make electricity?

    We conduct a complete site examination, including shade analysis, to determine whether solar is a viable solution for your location(s).

    5) How are VARSHINI POWER solar energy services different from other solar offers?

    We offer solar energy services, we are not an equipment manufacturer. Because we integrate, develop, install and provide service and maintainance for the solar power plants.We use reputed manufacturer components.You will benefit from the high efficiency and reliability of high quality system at competitive prices.

    6) How do I know what technology is best for my facility?

    VARSHINI POWER evaluates the options of various technologies, configurations and selected sites to bring the best returns to the project. As your trusted partner, we will listen to your needs and concerns, and identify the best solution for your facilities. A program manager will guide you through your decision process, ensuring that your needs are fully met.

    7) Who does VARSHINI POWER partner with?

    We work with partners in the financial, technology and equipment supplier communities. Across this spectrum of industry participants, we help drive industry standards to make solar a meaningful resource for energy supply throughout India.