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Solar panels produce DC Power from sunlight and converted into alternating power (AC) at desired voltage and frequency, through the use of Solar Inverters or Power Conditioning Units (PCU's). These systems can be connected to the loads either in parallel to the grid (Grid-tied / interactive) or use of energy storage devices i.e; usually batteries (Standalone). This entire unit is collectively called as Solar power pack /system and generally these systems require shadow free roof area of 100 - 150 Sq ft per kWp and exert a load of 1.5kg per Sq ft over the roof. 

Varshini Power has got hands on experience in integrating these solar power packs. We have tied-up with leading suppliers / manufacturers with in and outside India for supplying some of the Critical components required for integrating PCU's.

Domestic Power Packs:

Solar power packs comes as standard kits for homes and small offices/shops for power solutions. These have been designed for simple in use, easy and faster installations with minimal maintenance free operations. These power packs can run Electrical appliances like FTL / CFL lights, fans, TV, computers, small / medium refrigerator and other small loads.

Commercial Power Packs:

These systems are designed based on the usage and load requirements. These can be standalone or grid tied. In industrial units which have heavy loads like motors, compressors and reactors etc., Solar Photo-voltaic system may not support the entire load. In such a scenario a grid-tied system can be installed with an optimum combination of Solar, grid and DG power can be used. In the case of normal loads like lighting, fans and computers in commercial establishments, offices, a standalone Solar Photo-voltaic system can be handy.